Perfect Places for Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping
For persons that do not know what Bungee Jumping is, it is the sport or act of jumping from an elevation while the bungee jumper is connected to an elastic cord. The purpose of having the cord connected to the jumper is to prevent injuries or even death of the jumper. This form of adventure dates back to ancient times with some particular tribes in Mexico and the Pacific Islands famous for this form of sport.

The act gradually began to spread across the world though perceived as an illegal outside adventure in most places in the world with the United States being one of them. It became popular in the eighties with television appearances for many bungee jumpers across the globe.

It has gradually gained fame as a form of outdoor adventure though, not everyone can be a bungee jumper. You have to be strong-hearted to be a bungee jumper and luckily, all you need to jump is an elevated place.

There is several bungee jumping locations in the world and in most cases, these sites are over structures that are used for multiple functions besides jumping. Bridges, dams and other such sites have been used for bungee jumping.

One of such bungee jumping locations is the Bungee Jumping Center in Switzerland. This location was made more famous by the James Bond character when it was used as a site in the Goldeneye movie in 1996. It is 722 feet tall and is considered as the highest permanent bungee jumping site in the world. it can therefore be said to be a site for the most adventurous of jumpers as they experience a free fall of about seven and a half minute before the lowest point is reached.

The Victoria Falls Bridge is another excellent bungee jumping site. It is located amidst the Victoria Falls which ranks as one of the largest waterfalls on earth. With this location, it is a double experience for jumpers as they enjoy the fun of falling or jumping as the case may be, and great views of Zambia and Zimbabwe simultaneously.

The jumping site in Puerto Vallarta that was launched for jumping in Mexico in 1993 is another great bungee jumping place. Unlike many other sites, the place was developed majorly for jumping; allowing jumpers enjoy a 120-foot plunge towards the Banderas Bay. It is also unique for having the Pacific Ocean with some rocks below it unlike many others that have rivers or gorges.

For bungee jumpers in Washington and especially those that live in Seattle, the jumping site in Amboy. The site stands 200 feet tall with a river below it, making for a memorable jump.

The Historic Bridge to Nowhere is another excellent bungee jumping place also in the United States, close to the north of Azusca California to be precise. It is in the San Gabriel Mountains and makes for a very good place to experience a memorable bungee jump. The website can be checked for jump schedules and other great things that can be done.

Shelton is another great jumping place in Washington with a tall canyon of 420 feet. It is ranked as one of the tallest jump sites not only in the US but the world. You are sure to have a breathtaking experience but be sure not to be faint-hearted and have all your protective gears with you as you take the Plunge.

For persons is Colorado and interested in bungee jumping, the Royal Gorge Bridge should be your next stop. It is definitely one of the highest suspension bridges in the world and makes a good spot for a memorable jump. It is however important that you check the jump schedules especially as the area is not available for jumps throughout the year.

Florida is not left out of the bungee jumping phenomenon thanks to the Tracking Family Recreation Center. This man-made site is 75 feet tall and great for beginners or persons that just want to have a feeling of what bungee jumping is all about. You are sure to enjoy your fist bungee jump here.

The sites mentioned above are just some of the many bungee jumping sites available to interested jumpers all over the world with a particular focus on the United States. So brace yourself and get he experience even if it is going to be a one-time thing.